Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hard habit to start

Ok, first post. . . . After spending several (more than I care to admit) hours viewing random blogs created by others, I am confident that the first post is far easier than the fifth or the tenth or the twentieth. I've been told that it takes thirty days to make a habit. There seem to be way more dead blogs out their than living ones. This must be a hard habit to develop.

I am working through first assignments for LIS 568 -- Computer Applications in School Library Media Centers. Creating a blog doesn't seem that difficult. I checked out several providers before choosing Blogger. While I recognized differences in some (and cost of others) I succumbed to the pull of the Google Force that is taking over the digital world. It appeared that this service had all I need for now (& probably more).

I am having trouble with Created account without difficulty but cannot seem to save bookmarks into my account. Will keep working on this. Opened a Google Reader page without difficulty. First blog I uploaded was "The Official Google Blog" -- Read about a map-maker application that is available through Google. This is Way Cool!!! (My age doesn't show does it?) I can think of applications for this map-making program in school without even engaging brain!

More to do -- more thoughts later . . .

Comic by Drew, (2007, Mar 20). computer demands a blog in toothpaste for dinner. Retrieved Aug 28, 2008, from

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