Friday, August 23, 2013

Sleepless, Sweaty & Satisfied Teacher-Librarian!!!

Several sleepless nights agonizing over lack of class meeting space in my new library.  Two sets of low shelves allowed only three tables in area with view of projector screen.  Was warned in advance that no projectors or other electrical or technology items could be moved.

How would I be able to invite classes into library? Many options crossed my mind, got measured and reviewed and eliminated.  Nothing would work without moving projector and screen.  Nothing would work . . .

And then inspiration hit!  I was in the building by 6:45am.  I had measured and committed by 7:15 and was working up a sweat before 8am.  By ten I had every cart and most of the tables covered with books and the shelf units moved into new position.  My plan was going to work!!!

How many times have I created a plan in my head and discovered after hours of labor that I did not have enough shelf space in one area or another to accomodate needs?  (Many, I assure you!)  NOT THIS TIME!!!!  Everything went back into new configuration better than it came out!!  Ok, I eliminated some stuff, but I, who hate to get rid of anything, had no problem with this purge.

It looks great!!!  I created an area to highlight and spread out my graphic novels making room for more purchases this year.  I moved both biographies and short stories to more accessible areas.  I achieved my primary goal of space in front of projector screen with comfortable room for six tables.  As a bonus I was able to maintain a barrier between this and the front of the library to allow additional students to work even with a class in progress.

Principal walked in as I was finishing up (shortly after noon).  Had to be reminded of previous layout but very complementary once he realized what I had accomplished.  Patting myself on back now, while I can.  I know it all gets harder once the teachers and then students get into building.  Looking forward to it though.  Can't wait to use my new class space!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Employed in Henrietta NY !!!!

Oh so happy!  I was finally offered and signed a contract as a teacher-librarian!  Six years training as a Tech Integration Coach and Teaching Assistant in our high school library, a Masters Degree in Library Science and two months as a long term substitute at our stand alone Ninth Grade Academy Library last spring and voila, finally, complete with interview process and suggestion that I might not get the job, I got it!  I got it!  I got it!  I got it!!!  I am so excited!!!!!

Ok, its been a year since my last post.  I will be busier now than ever, but, perhaps, on my own and on stage, I will focus more on this blog.  My apologies to anyone who has followed in the past but hopes that you may continue in the future.

"New teacher" orientation next week.  I have already been in library every day this week and am wishing I had two months before school starts.  So much to do to try to get ahead of the curve and the oppressive knowledge that as soon as teachers walk through the door I will be behind and probably won't catch up all year.  Ugh.  I know it will be fun, but am sure it would be more fun if I felt prepared . . . . . Oh well . . . . Ready, Set, Go!!!!