Friday, August 16, 2013

Employed in Henrietta NY !!!!

Oh so happy!  I was finally offered and signed a contract as a teacher-librarian!  Six years training as a Tech Integration Coach and Teaching Assistant in our high school library, a Masters Degree in Library Science and two months as a long term substitute at our stand alone Ninth Grade Academy Library last spring and voila, finally, complete with interview process and suggestion that I might not get the job, I got it!  I got it!  I got it!  I got it!!!  I am so excited!!!!!

Ok, its been a year since my last post.  I will be busier now than ever, but, perhaps, on my own and on stage, I will focus more on this blog.  My apologies to anyone who has followed in the past but hopes that you may continue in the future.

"New teacher" orientation next week.  I have already been in library every day this week and am wishing I had two months before school starts.  So much to do to try to get ahead of the curve and the oppressive knowledge that as soon as teachers walk through the door I will be behind and probably won't catch up all year.  Ugh.  I know it will be fun, but am sure it would be more fun if I felt prepared . . . . . Oh well . . . . Ready, Set, Go!!!!

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