Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What a long strange journey it's been!

Lol! My last post was prior to beginning of school year in 2013, happy and excited to be employed.

Summer of 2016, still happy and excited to be employed, but now starting my second year in a different district than I was three years ago. Suffice to say, this is good news and I am very happy.

Huge reason I am here is to support leap into GAFE and year is shaping up to be busier than ever. Realizing though as I work with teachers that my success to this point is built upon a foundation laid by great librarians, teachers, and tech integration specialists who blog and Tweet regularly. I am never sure how these GREAT ONES get it all done and have little hope of matching their success, but would like to begin to "give back" this year as I have the opportunity.

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