Sunday, September 18, 2016

It takes more than technology

     Using technology is NOT more engaging.
No matter the medium, we must design for student engagement. Technology does not create engagement, your lesson design does. While anything new may energize students for a short period of time, there is no substitute for designing high-quality lessons.

Making the shift to digital is NOT about doing what you’ve always done in a digital format. Digital allows us to rethink our tasks.
“When students can access information, I can talk less.”
How the class functions should be different when students have access to devices. First, students no longer need to wait for you to know what to do. Students walk in the door, go to Google Classroom and get to work.

When moving to digital tools it is a mindset shift. Our first question should not be “how do I take all my stuff I have and put it online?” Instead,

  • How do I have more dynamic interactions with my students?”
  • “How will we collaborate?”
  • “How can I give feedback faster?”
  • “How can I change the task to create more engagement?”
  • “How can students be more actively involved in their learning?”

Change is slow, 
    Change is hard, 
        Change is messy. 
    We will get it wrong and things won't work. 
     We can only do so much. 
Some things truly should not be changed! 
It is far, far easier to rely on tools and methods we know. 
And yet, great success begins with small steps
Expect more from our students. 
Focus more on their learning and less upon our teaching! 
Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, and execute!
Change the expectations!
     Change the energy level!
   Reflect upon and consider the path and the outcome . . . 
wash, rinse, repeat . . .  
plan, teach, assess, reflect, repeat . . . 

Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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